The middle finger gesture toward Yermak: MP Leros won lawsuit against the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine

The case about the middle finger gesture toward Yermak: MP Leros won lawsuit against the Verkhovna Rada.

Geo Leros announced that he had won the court case against the Verkhovna Rada relating to his illegal suspension from attending plenary sessions for a year.  

He wrote about this on Tuesday, May 2, 2023.

Leros emphasized that he was suspended for asking the head of the SBU: "when will Kremlin agent Yermak be imprisoned for the crime of high treason?"

"It is correct to emphasize that I won the court case against Zelenskyi and Yermak, who shamelessly "screwed" the already "screwed" Parliament. Shame on everyone who voted for my illegal suspension. See you soon at work!” Leros wrote.


As "Novynarnya" wrote, in early November 2021, during his speech at the Verkhovna Rada, People's Deputy of Ukraine Geo Leros made an offensive gesture - raising the middle finger - towards the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyi, who was also present there.

The incident occurred during the discussion of the appointment of the Minister of Defense. The time for the speech was given to Geo Leros by "European Solidarity."

"I want to tell you that I am not afraid to say something. You can "sic" on me as many law enforcement agencies as you like, “stitch up” the case against me, but I am not afraid to tell the truth... You are the main traitor in the country," said Leros at the Verkhovna Rada.

After that, Speaker Ruslan Stefanchuk asked to turn off Leros’ microphone, having urged him to speak on the topic - the appointment of the Minister of Defense.

After that, Leros made the middle finger gesture towards Zelenskyi.

People's deputy Mariya Mezentseva filed the incident report with the regulations committee of the Verkhovna Rada.

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