Polish city of Poznan made a Ukrainian version of its website

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For the first time in Poland official website of the city of Poznan has launched a section about the city in Ukrainian.

Ukrainian version of the official web site consists information about the city of Poznan, work opportunities and study perspectives.
A lot of Ukrainians come to the city. This is the most numerous Ukrainian national minority in Poznan.
“This decision is a response of the city to the increase in the number of citizens of Ukrainian descent. Ukrainians make up almost 90 percent of all foreigners coming to the city of Poznan. In consequence of new air connections with Kyiv and Lviv, a number of tourists from Ukraine also increases” says Martha Mazurek, a commissioner on countering discrimination issues.
Web page in Ukrainian lists the addresses of the main government agencies and institutions. There are tips on getting the right documents, living in the city and finding a job. You can read how to get started at a university or high school.
Ukrainian version of Poznan city website is available here.



Image credits: poznan.travel.
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