Hundreds have gone missing on the occupied flooded left bank after the Kakhovka Dam blow up

Hundreds have gone missing on the occupied flooded left bank after the Kakhovka Dam blow up

Hundreds of Ukrainians have gone missing on the occupied left bank of the Kherson Oblast, Agentstvo publication with reference to volunteers.

The fate of 374 people who found themselves in the flood zone after the destruction of the Kakhovskaya HPP is currently unknown.

Volunteers believe that at least 3 of these people died.

More than 1,700 requests for evacuation remain in the volunteer database - each usually concerns several people.

It is difficult to get to the territory controlled by the russians, the volunteers emphasize. At the checkpoints, the russians demand a passport or ID, allowing only the rescuers of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of russia and pro-military volunteers.

All others can get to Oleshki, Kherson oblast only by water.

Exceeding the permissible level of harmful substances was recorded in the Ingulets River

This is evidenced by laboratory studies conducted by the State Environmental Inspection on June 9.

Environmentalists report an excess concentration of ammonium nitrogen, total iron and suspended solids. The content of dry residue has increased, which is explained by the natural background of the river.

Compared to June 8, the indicators of these substances decreased slightly.

A doctor from Kherson reported on HUNDREDS of dead in occupied Oleshki (only one of many small cities). One can only imagine the number of dead on all territory of occupied left bank of the Kherson Oblast. It's not only ecocide, genocide but a mass murder!

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