How to create a non NATO non fly zone over Ukraine

How to create a non-NATO #NoFlyZone over #Ukraine in five steps:

1. Secure a couple of West Ukrainian airports with enough anti-aircraft installations to make them usable.
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2. Present Ukraine several dozen decommissioned Western fighter planes (F-14, F-15, F-16, F-18…), and bring them to these West Ukrainian airports.

3. Find several Western dozen volunteer airforce veterans, and give them Ukrainian citizenship.

4. Bring these new Ukrainian citizens to the secured West Ukrainian airports, and appropriate fighter planes re-painted in Ukrainian colors.

5. Let these new #Ukrainian citizens with Ukrainian fighter planes in Ukrainian colors fly sorties from West Ukrainian airports over Ukrainian state territory.
No #NATO troops or @NATO territory are needed.

“We have a lot of perfectly usable combat and supply aircraft that are scheduled to be sent to the desert bone-yard as part of force modernization. F-15s, F-16s, A-10s, etc. […] a covert proprietary company resembling Air America could be formed.”

Most critique of the proposal I made about giving Ukraine Western fighter planes to be flown by volunteer airforce veterans is about logistics. Too complicated, too laborious, too expensive, too much trouble. I am unconvinced by these arguments. We have an emergency. Or don’t we? 

Source: Andreas Umland

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