How much land does Ukraine have?

The statistics of land relations in Ukraine are rather confusing, outdated and incomplete.

The problem also remains a discrepancy between the data of the State Land Cadastre and the State Register of of Real Estate Rights.

 But if we compare the official data and the calculations of experts, we will receive the following figures for opening the land market in Ukraine.

There are over 60 million hectares of land in Ukraine. Over 70% of the country’s surface (42.7 million hectares) is used for agricultural activities.  About 40% of the agricultural area is rich black soil.

The moratorium on land purchase and sale is applied to over 41 million hectares, with the exception of those allocated for subsistence and personal farming and gardening.

Of these, the area exceeding 31 million hectares is privately owned land, of which almost 28 million hectares are private shares. Over 10 million hectares are state and communally owned.

“Although it is more or less clear how much private land is under the moratorium, it is not quite clear what is happening with the state-owned land. Part of it was transferred to communal property, and how much is left?” says Oleh Nivyevsky, professor at the Kyiv School of Economics, who has been involved in a number of studies on land relations and agrarian industry in Ukraine.

Another question: how much agricultural land is left in the Ukrainian government-controlled territory?

” 10.5 million hectares of state owned land take into account Crimea and the occupied territories,” says the economist and calculates: given that last year 1.5 million hectares were transferred to communal property, it is clear that the state will be able to market no more than 9 million hectares.


Source: ukrpravda

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