The EU plans to remove Ukraine from the COVID-19 green-list countries

Due to the rapid deterioration of the epidemiological situation in Ukraine with Covid-19, the EU plans to remove Ukraine from the travel green-list countries.

The decision of the EU Council is expected next week.

This was reported by Rikard Jozwiak, Radio Svoboda correspondent, citing his sources.

” … EU ambassadors are likely to remove Ukraine from the EU’s recommended safe third country COVID19 travel list next week,” he posted on Twitter.

The decision to exclude Ukraine from the list will not automatically mean a change in the rules of border crossing. However, EU countries generally heed the recommendation of the EU Council and impose restrictions on entry for non-listed countries and on tourist travel for them.

Earlier, Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba promised to use “all diplomatic skills” so that Ukrainians could travel to the EU even after Ukraine was excluded from the travel green-list countries.

The Foreign Ministry also published detailed explanations of what to expect after Ukraine’s exclusion from the “green list”. It is reported that the rules of visa-free air travel between Ukraine and the EU are likely to change if Ukraine falls into the “red” zone.


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