Dnipro tragedy horror updates

As a result of the Russian missile strike on a house in Dnipro, 17 people remain missing, 12 bodies and body fragments have not been identified.

As of January 18, 12 bodies and body fragments found in the ruins of an apartment building destroyed by a Russian missile in Dnipro on January 14 remain unidentified. The adviser to the head of the Dnipropetrovsk regional military administration, Nataliya Babachenko, said this.

"The rescue operation ended yesterday. At the moment, the Russian missile has killed 45 people. 12 bodies and body fragments have not been identified yet. Only three people have been identified today. 17 people remain missing - of course, they may be among those who have not been identified ", Babachenko said.

She noted that the number of injured has increased to 80 people - an 80-year-old woman sought medical help the previous evening. 25 people remain in hospitals, including three children.

"According to the updated information, three children have become orphans - they are a brother and a sister who are in hospital. But they have a grandmother and an uncle, who are applying for guardianship. Another four-year-old girl was visiting her grandmother at the time of the explosion and now the grandmother is applying for guardianship," Babachenko said.

She also noted that about 400 people have become homeless as a result of the Russian attack.

"...four (entrances) are most likely unsuitable for living. However, this will be determined by experts - who have been working there since today. There will be an examination, and then it will be clear how many apartments are unsuitable for living," Babachenko emphasized.

"Communications are already being restored, and most entrances have electricity and heating. Unfortunately, they can't restore water yet, because communications are very badly damaged, but they promise that in a few days, by the beginning of next week at the latest, the house will have water," she added.

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