COVID-19 in Ukraine updates: March 17, 2020

EMPR begins daily monitoring of COVID-19 spread in Ukraine.

We will provide live updates to inform our readers with latest updates on number of suspected, confirmed, recovered and death COVID-19 cases in Ukraine, including the reginal dimentions.

14 cases of COVID-19 confirmed in Ukraine as of March 17, 2020:

10 cases in Chernivtsi oblast (1 death and 9 active),

2 cases in Kyiv city (all active),

1 casse in Kyiv Oblast (active), and

1 case in Zhytomyr Oblast (1 death).

7 new cases confirmed today, which double yesterday's figure. It is worried statistics, as world practice says COVID-19 cases in average double once per 6,2 days.

It worth mentioned, that all new cases in Chernivtsi were contact person with the first man who get COVID-19 in Ukraine.

Shocking findings are as follows: 4 new cases in Chernivtsi confirmed among young population: 2 infants (6 months old and 1 year and 10 monthsd old) and 2 kids (10 and 18 years old). Among new cases is 1 death (woman died yesterday and COVID-19 was confirmed only today).

35 people are currently being checked for COVID-19 in Ukraine, the Ministry of Health reports.

In total, 140 COVID-19 suspected cases have been reported to the Public Health Center since the beginning of 2020 (14 – laboratory-confirmed cases, 89 – were tested negative for coronavirus, 35 –are being tested).

Another usefull tool - Tableu Public shows operative interactive map on COVID-19 cases in Ukraine. This map illustrates real cases from the hospitals. Green buttons on the map shows.



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