Why Russia staged a provocation in Sevastopol?

Why Russia staged a provocation in Sevastopol?

Russia staged a provocation in Sevastopol to achieve several goals.

First. Displace the Olenivka topic from the WESTERN information space.

Having arranged a monstrous reprisal against our prisoners of war, the Russians set certain tasks in Russia, Ukraine and in the West.

In Russia, they built up a wide range of narratives in order to block the signal and suppress the “betrayal” that the Ukrainian authorities are RETURNING the defenders of Mariupol and Azovstal in particular. Everyone, regardless of the military units.

It is easy to check the extent of the hype in the Great- Russian and Bantustan publics, surrounding the recent prisoner swaps. That began to affect the morale of the most die-hard Russian units in terms of "why did they sacrifice so many people if the Nazis would be released anyway."

Besides, with the help of one big crime, they wanted to cover up the traces of many small ones (including the tortures and murders of our soldiers).

In Ukraine, with the help of targeted misinformation campaigns, as well as with the help of our political idiots, they tried to blame our military-political leadership for the murder of our prisoners. After this case, I personally will stop any interaction with several people. Because one cannot do this. 

However, sane people reacted against Russia.

Moreover, with the accumulation of facts indicating that the building in Olenivka was most likely undermined from within, the most vulnerable line for the Russians became the western one.

Because even more people (including decision makers) became convinced of the cannibalistic nature of the Russian side. And for those who had no illusions, it would be more difficult to contact.

For the Russians, this is very sensitive in the light of emerging contacts in the United States, which they are trying to organize for any reason. The applied task of these contacts is to exclude the official recognition of Russia as a country sponsoring terrorism.

The decision on recognition is made by State Secretary Blinken, who will now conduct a dialogue on the exchange of arms dealer Bout for 2 Americans. It is more difficult to negotiate against the background of Olenivka, whereas it is easier - against the background of Sevastopol. 

Therefore, they used a proven tactic - they identified a reason for escalation. Now deeply concerned structures will be deeply concerned about "how to prevent the escalation and increase in human suffering", especially against the backdrop of Taiwan.

Russia is also trying to create a backlash to disrupt the supply of Ukrainian grain. Like, we are attacked - we will "defend".

Second. As in the cult film "DMB" - to turn a shameful illness into a feat. Transform the disgrace of the Russian fleet into a factor in the mobilization of Russian society.

Moreover, Sevastopol itself, autochthonous “quilted jackets” and collaborators are secondary in this regard for the Russian authorities. More important here are the residents of the Russian provinces who have come in large numbers.

The Russian authorities, long before the day of the Russian Navy, reduced the traditional format of the celebration in Sevastopol. In particular, the parade was canceled, while maintaining a number of activities in different parts of the city.

However, as the date approached, the Russian authorities fixed the problem: in idle conversations, the Sevastopol “quilted jackets” began to actively COMPARE the fate of the fleet "before the war" and now, poisoning the minds of those who came in large numbers. Because the comparison appeared to be unpleasant.

The flagship was sunk; the rest of the ships dart around like rats, hide on the South Coast, shoot and kill children. Zmiinyi Island was lost. There are dozens of new graves in cemeteries. Such a peculiar"greatness."

The day of the Navy gave them, on the one hand, the most vivid visualization for unfavorable comparisons. On the other hand, this mumbling of encapsulated individuals can increase in the crowd.

When the crowd of “celebrants” begins to exchange opinions that everything is somehow wrong, and after a glass or two, they begin to look for the guilty, then the most important task for the Russian authorities will be to prevent scaling. To mumble in the kitchens - please, but you cannot do collectively in public places.

So they came up with a diversion to remove people from the streets and to place them in front of  theTVs to watch the beauty of Kronstadt.

And after this beauty, a signal “you will answer us for Sevastopol!” will begin to fly throughout Russia. Already flying. For the umpteenth time, they are proposing to bomb "decision-making centers", etc.

The Kremlin will try to use the provocation to collect mercenaries throughout the Russian Federation.

I think that in the near future the occupying authorities will catch "Ukrainian saboteurs" who dropped a "home-made explosive device" from a drone. Because the "saboteurs" mean that the air defense is in order and there is no particular shame here. This is an FSB issue and a reason to tighten the screws even more, strengthen filtering, organize another round of reprisals against disagreeable people.

However, the Russian staging of sabotage will still have negative consequences for them.

General anxiety in Crimea is already high. Each new level of anxiety is an increase in the number of those who, just in case, find or restore some kind of contact “in Ukraine.” So that "in case of anything" somebody puts a word in for them.

This provokes increased nervousness among the occupiers and those who have come in large numbers.

It is even interesting to see what will happen to them when Crimea is really hit. Sooner or later. 

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