Ukraine counter offensive: official digest. June 8, 2023

Ukraine counter offensive: official digest. June 8, 2023

Ukraine counter offensive operation shows good results.

During the last day, the third Assault Brigade pushed back the enemy on the flanks of Bakhmut from territories with a volume of 1.8 km along the front line and 1.2 km deep into the front.

The enemy's forces were almost completely pushed back beyond the channel, where the positions of the occupiers were located until recently.

The official updates on counter offensive from the MoD Deputy Head Hanna Maliar today are as follows:

Counteroffensive in the East Ukraine

Ukrainian troops are active in the Bakhmut direction. Fighting continues.
In some places, the enemy tries to go on the offensive, but without success.

In the Kupyansk, Shakhtarsk directions - the enemy carries out airstrikes and shelling.

In the Avdiivka and Lyman directions, the russian troops made attempts to advance, but without success.

Fighting continues in Mariinky. Our defenders repelled numerous enemy attacks in the area of the city of Maryinka, inflicting significant losses on him.

Counter offensive in the South Ukraine

Battles continue for Velika Novosilka in the Novopalivsk direction.

In the Zaporozhye direction in the Orichova area, the enemy is actively on the defensive.

It is also know, that just during this morning the following russian forces position were hit by the Armed Forces of Ukraine fire:

  • occupied Luhansk,
  • occupied Donetsk,
  • occupied Makiivka, Donetsk Oblast,
  • occupied Tokmak, Donetsk Oblast,
  • occupied Horlivka, Kherson Oblast,
  • occupied Berdyansk, Zaporizhzhia Oblast,
  • Kursk region, russia,
  • Belgorod region, russia.

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Cover photo credits: AP

Map credits: DEEP STATE

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