Russia – Ukraine war: Operational information on the diplomatic front

Operational information on the diplomatic front as of 19:00 pm, March 6, 2022 prepared by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.

Ukraine has been consistently pursuing a strategy of isolating Russia from the world. The enemy is suffering heavy financial losses and is on the verge of default.

113 giant companies have already left the Russian market. In total, 213 companies have already completely or partially stopped cooperating with Russian partners. The sanctions imposed on the anti-Punt coalition are bearing fruit.

☑ Financial assistance

  • Ukraine will receive a new batch of Starlink systems for destroyed cities
  • An anonymous American donor contributed $ 1 million in support of the Ukrainian army
  • The European Investment Bank will transfer 639 million euros from other projects to the state budget of Ukraine.

☑ Foreign Legion

  • Former British Marines have arrived in Ukraine to help the Ukrainian people
  • The total number of applications from foreigners who want to help Ukraine fight the Russian aggression has reached almost 20,000. Experienced veterans and volunteers from 52 countries are going to Ukraine.

☑ Isolation of the Russian Federation

  • The Radio Liberty Corporation (RFE/RL) has stopped its activities in the Russian Federation
  • International rating agency Moody's Corp suspends business in Russia. In addition, the agency downgraded Russia's credit rating from B3 to pre-default Ca. The downgrade is a cause for serious concern about Russia's willingness and ability to service its debt obligations. .
  • The United States is discussing with the European Union a refusal to buy Russian oil

☑ Humanitarian help

  • 13 trucks with humanitarian aid have left Strasbourg for Ukraine 
  • Poland has sent 41 railway containers with modern fire and rescue equipment to Ukraine
  •  Russian perpetrators are on their way to be confined behind bars

On March 7, the Ukrainian delegation will speak at the UN International Court of Justice in The Hague to bring Russia to justice for its crimes against Ukraine.

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