Simple proof of Mariupol shelled by Russian forces

Equipped with a compass and basic knowledge about rockets entry point at shelling, Mariupol local resident proves the city was shelled by Russian-backed terrorists.

Simple proof of Mariupol shelled by Russian forces.

Although one of so-called “DPR” leaders Zakharchenko announced the attack on Mariupol and voiced it once more on the very day Mariupol was heavily shelled on 24 January, as soon as the tragedy scale became obvious, both Russian-backed militants and Russian mass-media started blaming Ukrainian forces for the massacre.

To stop all the speculations, a local resident made a very simple study to proof Mariupol had been shelled from the East, where Russian terrorists’ positions were.

But let’s look at the rocket entry trajectory and fragment dispersion projection first:

27.01-empr-shell-entry-point eng

With this knowledge kept in mind and a compass at hand, it is very easy to identify where rockets originated from. The result of the study was clear and obvious – from east and north-east directions, therefore, from the areas controlled by the so-called “Donetsk People’s Republic” (“DPR”), backed up by Russia:

Credits to: Максим Бородин  English subtitles included. 

Credits to: Максим Бородин English subtitles included. 

It shall be noted that the OSCE SMM to Ukraine came to the same conclusion.


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