Ukraine’s Anti-Corruption Court: to be or not to be

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Ukrainian bloger‘s analysis of anti-corruption law udoption warning and potentials and influence on the further prospects.

It is no exaggeration to say that this week Ukraine’s future is at stake. The IMF and the Venice Commission set the record straight. So either an Anti-Corruption Court is instituted with the decisive role played by international representatives in selecting candidates for judges or Ukraine will borrow from someplace else. There are simply no such places, and we know that if no new loan — get ready for default. Nobody pretends anymore that they have confidence in our central government.
Indeed, who would lend money to the dodgers with three passports in their pockets who during the war, for example, take illicit cash of 2,000 UAH for every 1,000 cubic meters of gas delivered to the state enterprise from “good guys?” Therefore, the formula is simple: in the morning, there should be the law on the court that can really discipline the top public officials for stealing the IMF’s loan funds before they flee abroad, and in the evening — money.
The climax is coming. So Bankova faces a choice: either to put the lid on their own desires and slowly start packing, just in case, or to say a final goodbye to “great friends of Ukraine,” and then the whole country will come to a financial end. It is an intrigue, you will agree).
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