Russia is looking for weaknesses in Ukraine’s missile defense

Russia is looking for weaknesses in Ukraine's missile defense

The under-empire made a new daring missile attack on Kyiv: during working hours, with high-speed missiles, from a short distance, so that people would not have time to run to the bombshelters. 

Both we and they report that these were two pseudo-ballistic Zircon missiles. Let me remind you that a Zircon missile is similar to a Kinzhal missile, but it is launched not from an aircraft, but from ship launchers. That is, it reaches the target within a few minutes, which is why the announcement of the air alert did not work. 

With Zircons they tried to destroy our Patriot air defense systems. The enemy knows where these air defense systems are deployed in the capital, because he has already attacked them several times. 

The suitcase fuhrer even boasted that six Patriot systems had been destroyed with five Kinzhal missiles . Putin even counts like a former club manager. 

According to our official information, both enemy missiles were destroyed. Although I personally recorded one powerful ground explosion. 

By the way, "Patriot" has already demonstrated excellent results according to a specific criterion of anti-aircraft guns: it is able to protect itself. If, of course, it is in a combat position and not a transport position. In contrast to the world-wide advertised Russian S-400 "Triumph" air defense system, which we have already managed to destroy even with cruise missiles. 

There is also information circulating that the Onyx missiles from the Bastion anti-ship complex deployed in Crimea were used in the missile attack on Kyiv. I doubt it, because in order for them to fly to the capital, they had to be seriously modernized. But if so, then it was a battle test. Let's see if there will be any more reliable information on this matter. 

One way or another, another enemy missile attack turned out to be unsuccessful. The enemy reported that the "SBU decision-making center" had allegedly been destroyed. In fact, debris from the downed missiles destroyed the sports and assembly halls of the Academy of Applied Arts, as well as damaged several other buildings. 

One fact remains unquestionable — the under-empire has openly switched from the blasphemous "liberation of the fraternal Ukrainian people from Banderites" to the destruction of Ukraine — the destruction of Ukrainians and our economic potential. According to certain signs, the last attempt to turn Ukraine into a territory unsuitable for civilized life is now beginning. 

That is, the enemy no longer believes that he is capable of defeating us, let alone capturing us. Therefore, it will engage in undisguised terror against the civilian population amid the extremely serious concern of those who promised us the necessary and timely support in this war. 

Oleksiy Kochetkov

Ukraine front Lines


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