World about Ukraine: September 18, 2022

What the World says today about Russia – Ukraine war? Read in Ukraine Front Lines digest as of September 18, 2022.

New York Times: Ukraine reports more strikes in Kherson as gun battles break out in the city.

Ukrainian forces fired a missile at a Russian base in occupied Kherson and are trying to undermine Russia’s combat capabilities. There was a night-time firefight on the streets of the city. The Ukrainian military retook the small village of Vysokopillia and continues to advance toward Kherson.

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BBC: Grave sites prompt calls for tribunal over Russian killings

Hundreds of graves with Ukrainians were found in the liberated city.

The Czech Republic has expressed its desire to punish war criminals and the EU presidency calls for an international tribunal.

Ursula von der Leyen believes that the president of the aggressor country must face the International Criminal Court.

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DW: Izium bodies show signs of torture and execution

In a forest on the outskirts of Izium, more than 400 Ukrainians became a mass grave. The bodies were sent to the morgue for examination. The bodies show that people were tortured and their deaths were violent. Among the dead were 17 Ukrainian defenders in a mass grave.

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AP News: Vatican envoy comes under fire as he delivers aid in Ukraine

A Vatican envoy was distributing humanitarian supplies in Ukraine but came under fire near Zaporizhzhia. Russia continues to hit civilian infrastructure. 

Four medics were killed in Kharkiv region, and two patients were wounded in the village of Strelecha.

A hospital in the city of Nikolaev and the city of Nikopol also came under fire with casualties.

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The Guardian: ‘No way I could work for the Russians’: The Ukrainian teachers resisting occupation

In the occupied cities, Russia offers to cooperate by teaching the Russian program. Some school employees do not agree and quit their jobs.

Galina, who had worked at the school for 25 years, left with a flower and poems from her home class, and was declared a “traitor”.

The teachers sent away from Russia will be tried by Ukrainian courts.

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