Was Duda’s press conference on blocking Ukraine’s border an “excuse”?

Was Duda's press conference on blocking Ukraine's border an "excuse"?

Duda's press conference (recorded interview before the grain pouring event) that he gave today takes the form of an "excuse".

How have relations between Poland and Ukraine changed? 

- We support Ukraine.
I was in Kyiv on February 23, 2022 to show that we stand in solidarity with Ukraine.
We sent 300 tanks, Peruns, crabs and many other weapons;

But now Poland has announced that it will no longer provide military aid to Ukraine? 

- "We have previously provided 20 billion in aid. We have incurred large expenses for the maintenance of refugees;

As for the farmers' strikes? 
- They are afraid for their survival.
If there had been no attack on Ukraine, there would have been no strikes.
A large amount of grain came to Poland from Ukraine, the amount of grain to Poland increased 300 times.

How is it that Ukraine is fighting for Europe and the Poles are pouring out grain?
 - I'm sorry... if there are protests, trade unions have the right...
Blocking the border is not an order of the government...
The government cannot prohibit protests at the border, and if they do, they will go to court and win and continue to block the border...
We need to solve this through negotiations...

You said that Poland would help Ukraine before joining the EU... 

- Ukraine's accession to the EU should take place so that the agriculture of the EU countries does not decline, since Ukraine is a great breadbasket of the world and is very powerful in the agricultural sector..;

What will happen to refugees? The European Commission has extended it until March 2025, and Poland only until June 2024... Why is this so? 

We have extended it until June 30, 2024, and the government will continue to work for further extension.

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