Ukraine’s Defense Ministry completes the first direct purchase from NATO agency

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine made the first-ever purchase of defense articles directly from the NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA).

What is it exactly that the Ministry purchased? What are the implications for Ukraine’s military logistics? Journalists of “Ukrinform” news agency dug deeper to find the answers, we’ve translated the highlights.

In February 2020, under the previous leadership team, the Ministry of Defense made an advance payment to purchase components for machine guns mounted on armored personal carriers, tracks, and a software license from the NSPA.  

Then Defense Minister Andriy Zahorodnyuk explained that the Agency represents for Ukraine “an alternative supply channel for equipment or services that we cannot produce in Ukraine, and it works fast. If we want to make a quick purchase, we can buy directly from the Agency. (…) We are already cooperating with the Agency on the same terms as the NATO member states.” 

According to the ex-Minister, last year, Ukraine ordered defense articles worth of EUR 250 thousand. He said at least EUR 4.5 million was projected as defense outlays for 2020.  

The cooperation between Ukraine and NSPA started back in 2015, explained Olena Trehub, secretary general of the Independent Anti-Corruption Defense Committee, a group of non-governmental defense experts. 

The agreement between the government of Ukraine and the Agency also foresees that Ukrainian companies can become suppliers of the Agency, take part in the tenders and conclude contracts. The companies need to comply with the standards and complete the established procedures, the expert added.


Source: ukrinform

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