Ukraine drops in global competitiveness ranking

This year, Ukraine ranks 85th out of 141, having dropped 2 positions since last year, according to the WEF Global Competitiveness report.

Last year, Ukraine ranked 83rd out of 140 countries.

Ukraine ranks 104th in terms of state institutions (last year – 110th); 57th – in terms of infrastructure; 78th – in terms of technology adoption (last year – 77th).

Compared to last year, Ukraine ranks 133rd in terms of macroeconomic stability (131st); 101st in terms of health (94th), 44th in terms of education (46th), and 57th in terms of product market (73rd).

In terms of labor market Ukraine ranks 59th (last year – 66th), financial system – 136th (last year – 117th), market size – 47th, business dynamics – 85th (last year – 86th) and innovation capability – 60th (58th).

This year, among the ranking leaders are Singapore (last year it ranked 2nd), the USA – 2nd (last year 1st), and Hong Kong – 3rd. The top five list also includes the Netherlands and Switzerland.

Ukraine again was included in the list of top ten most “miserable” economies in the world.

Ukraine dropped out of the top-50 most innovative countries in the world. At the same time, Ukraine also dropped out of the top-10 most dangerous countries in the world.

Ukraine ranks 4th among the top-5 countries with the cheapest mobile Internet.


Source: ukrainenews

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