Putin is preparing a terrorist attack on Chernobyl nuclear power plant 

The Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine warns Putin is preparing a terrorist attack on Chernobyl nuclear power plant.

▪️According to the available information, Vladimir Putin has given an order to plan a terrorist attack on Chernobyl nuclear power plant. On the territory of Chernobyl nuclear power plant controlled by the Russian troops, a man-made disaster is being plotted. The Russian occupants will try to shift the responsibility for the technogenic disaster onto Ukraine.

▪️At the moment Chernobyl nuclear power plant is completely disconnected from the monitoring system of the International Atomic Energy Agency  (IAEA). The power to the plant is cut off. The available resource of diesel generators  is designed to last for 48 hours  to maintain the work of the safety system. The occupants have refused to give access to Ukrainian repairmen.  Instead, “Belarusian specialists” have been given the access as directed by Oleksandr Lukashenko. Among those “specialists” Russian saboteurs in the guise arrive at the site to commit a terrorist attack.

▪️Meanwhile Putin’s troops have hit Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Station, and Institute of Physics and Technology in Kharkiv where an experimental nuclear power reactor is.

▪️In order to imitate involvement of the Ukrainian armed forces in the nuclear power plant accident, the occupants are trying to create a fake “evidence” to substantiate their version. Russian mobile refrigerators have been detected in the area of Antonov Airport in Hostomel which were collecting the bodies of the Ukrainian fallen soldiers who had been defending the airport. There is a substantial likelihood that the bodies of the fallen Ukrainian soldiers will be presented as saboteurs killed in the zone of Chernobyl nuclear power plant. 

▪️That is to say, having not achieved the expected result from the ground operation and direct talks, Putin is ready to resort to nuclear blackmail of the global community in order to obtain concessions regarding the support to Ukraine. 

▪️Meanwhile Ukraine, the world, and even Russia itself understand that the claims of Ukraine being involved in creating a nuclear threat is just a staging in a lame screenplay.

 Despite this, such Putin’s actions will have a catastrophic effect on the entire world. It seems that this is exactly what the Russian dictator is counting on in his attempt to demand unacceptable concessions. 


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