Petition: To protect the Ukrainian cultural space from the ‘russian world’

Russian aggression is aimed at destroying everything Ukrainian, and we are defending not only our borders but also our national identity. The aggressor's publishing products are also a weapon in this war. Russian books have no place in Ukraine!

We are asking you to sign an important petition for Ukrainian book publishing - "To protect the Ukrainian cultural space from the 'Russian world' - to immediately sign Law 2309-IX on the prohibition of import and distribution of publishing products of the aggressor state." This will give a significant impetus to the development of the entire industry and free it from Russian influence forever. Culture should always be relevant in Ukraine, and its high resistance should be supported at the state level.

No. 22/193132-electronic petition

To protect the Ukrainian cultural space from the "Russian world" - to immediately sign Law 2309-IX on the ban on the import and distribution of publishing products of the aggressor state.

Author (initiator): Taras Anatoliyovych Shamaida

Date of publication: May 16, 2023

"Dear Mr. President! 

On June 19, 2022, the Verkhovna Rada adopted Law 2309-IX "On Amendments to Certain Laws of Ukraine on the Establishment of Restrictions on the Import and Distribution of Publishing Products Relating to the Aggressor State, the Republic of Belarus, and the Temporarily Occupied Territory of Ukraine." 

The law, developed jointly by representatives of civil society, the publishing community, and the government: 

prohibits the import and distribution of publishing products from Russia and Belarus; 

Provides for the publication of books in Ukraine in the original language or in translation into Ukrainian, EU or indigenous languages;

prevents the importation of anti-Ukrainian publications. 

The law does not require a single penny of budgetary spending and is crucial for the future of the entire book industry. On June 20, 2022, it was submitted to you for signature, but despite the unanimous decision of the Parliament, the recommendation of the Cabinet of Ministers and the requirements of the Constitution, it has not yet been signed. 

Publishing products of the aggressor state and Russian counterfeits continue to be freely sold in Ukraine, undermining the information security of the state and the economic foundations of Ukrainian book publishing. 

The most famous Ukrainian writers, leading publishers and book distributors, lawyers, and numerous civil society organizations, including the Ukrainian Association of Publishers and Book Distributors and the Reanimation Package of Reforms coalition, publicly called for the signing of Law 2309-IX. 

It is clear that in times of war, you, as the head of state and Supreme Commander-in-Chief, are primarily concerned with armed resistance to the aggressor. However, the situation when the Parliament, the book industry and civil society are unanimous in their support of Law 2309-IX, and only the absence of your signature allows Russia to continue destroying our book market is incomprehensible and unacceptable.

Part three of Article 94 of the Constitution of Ukraine stipulates that if the President does not sign a law or return it to the Parliament with comments within 15 days, "the law shall be deemed approved by the President of Ukraine and shall be signed and officially promulgated."

Mr. President, please sign Law 2309-IX. Take this historic step. Finally free the book industry from the Russian world.

It is always worth fighting for your freedom and identity!

You can support the petition here.

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