New made in Ukraine KH-S7 drone: it’s just a rocket-firecracker-bomb

New made in Ukraine KH-S7 drone: it's just a rocket-firecracker-bomb

"It's just a rocket-firecracker-bomb!", Ukrainain military say about the domestic KH-S7 drone.

ArmyInform continues reporting about the drones that have been approved for operation by the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

This time, Evgen Provornuy will talk about the KH-S7 FPV attack drone. How does it compare favorably with others? What is the response from the troops? And how long did the registration procedure take? Read about it in our article.

- It all started last summer when a group of like-minded people gathered, including engineers and military men who had previously been interested in and engaged in hobby UAVs for years. Together we decided that we should apply our knowledge to the benefit of the country. From that moment on, we began to develop the first attack drone that could be put into mass production in Ukraine. We invested almost all of our savings in this project. We've come a long way - from selecting the target specifications to implementing mass production, carefully choosing the design, reliable suppliers, components, raw materials, technical solutions, equipment, firmware, technology, logistics, and personnel, Vadym, a representative of the manufacturer, recalls.

According to him, the KH-S7 FPV strike drone is designed to engage a variety of static and dynamic ground targets.

- "Our development has good performance in terms of payload and signal range. The drone is digital, which provides FullHD image quality and helps to conduct additional reconnaissance during the mission. The KH-S7 carries a standard payload of 1 kilogram over a distance of 7 km, and has enough power for more, but there are many conditions. The guys flew the KH-S7 to a maximum distance of 9.5 km. We focused on its reliability and power, using only top parts and systems. All components are from the world's best manufacturers, with whom we have direct contracts. So our drone is truly a workhorse. At least the guys on the front line already like it. It's best when you get positive feedback from them. It gives you inspiration to keep working," says Vadym.

He notes that their company received approval for operation under an accelerated procedure organized by the Defense Ministry's Accelerator:

- When we sent a letter with the performance characteristics and a brief description of the product to the Ministry of Defense at the beginning of the year, they got back to us immediately, literally the next day. To be honest, I did not expect such efficiency. We were provided with copies of the documents that needed to be created. Thank God, there were engineers among us who were ready to work with papers and had the relevant experience. Having studied all the requirements and the sequence of the testing process, we did the relevant work and documented everything. We listened to all the comments provided by the Ministry of Defense experts and corrected everything to the smallest detail, because we understood the responsibility and procedure of defense procedures. By the way, the defense ministry specialists were in touch with us almost around the clock: by phone and in correspondence. We even got the impression that they did not sleep and did not have days off. Later, we received a certificate of registration for the item, and a little more than a week later we received an order from the Ministry of Defense to allow it to be used. And now we are in the process of registering our next development, the KH-S10 drone, which is designed to carry up to 3 kg of weight and perform a universal role of a strike and bombing type in one drone. The main work now is to scale up production to meet the current needs of the army," a representative of the manufacturer shares his plans.

He adds that for experienced operators, their FPV drone is very easy to fly.

- "Those who have had the opportunity to compare the reliability are almost reluctant to pick up other attack drones. After all, we designed it to be simple, reliable, and convenient. And it is extremely pleasant to hear operators in the army say: "This is a top-of-the-line drone!" or "It's just a bomb-rocket-firecracker" after a hit when they work with our drone. This is because we have a truly top-of-the-line model - from the ergonomics of the remote control, the power of the motors, to the quality of the system itself and a lot of little things that together give us a greater range, maneuverability, battery life, payload and accuracy. From time to time, the military share videos that they can show us, and when you hear their cheers after our drone has worked, it's a very pleasant feedback.

For reference. The Ministry of Defense Accelerator is a permanent body designed to accelerate processes within the Ministry of Defense to ensure leadership in the Ukrainian Defense Forces' military tech. First results:

- The process of processing applications from weapons and military equipment developers to their codification and approval for use was reduced to 45 days for "mature" solutions;

- the process of interaction between the arms and military equipment sector in communication with the Ministry of Defense - a "single window" was introduced for inquiries from defense industry enterprises, developers and investors of arms and military equipment.

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