American benefactors purchased apartment complex for war victims in Ukraine

American benefactors purchased apartment complex for war victims in Ukraine

In the Sofiyivska Borshchahivka, Kyiv suburb, war victims became the first residents of apartments in complex purchased by American benefactors.

As informed by the MAIDAN PRESS CENTER 52 Ukrainain families who had lost their homes at the south east Ukraine, occupied by the russian invaders, received keys to their apartments. These are 139 people from the Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson and other regions most affected by Russia’s armed aggression.

The housing is given to people for free use for 5 years. They will pay only for utilities and maintenance of the adjacent area.

The project was implemented thanks to the charity organization “To Ukraine with love”, which in the USA united people from schoolchildren to billionaires around helping Ukraine, in particular, Dell Loy Hansen, an American businessman and philanthropist, founder and director of the Wasatch Group, who bought the apartments.  

It is one building with 7 entrances and 135 pre-purchased apartments. So far, people have moved in 3 entrances. The remaining 83 apartments will have been occupied by the end of December this year. People get 1-, 2-, and 3-room apartments equipped with absolutely everything necessary for comfortable living. The apartments have been repaired, equipped with plumbing, have all household appliances installed, have textiles, dishes and a set of food for the first time.

The program participants were people who had no housing due to Russia’s military aggression. During the selection, preference was given to persons of working age who had a job or were looking for one. Free housing will give a working family 5 years to save money to buy or build their own home, for down payment on a mortgage loan, etc.

A special committee of the charitable organization carried out the selection based on pre-filled questionnaires. The selection of candidates for residence is still ongoing, and the apartments in the 4 entrances that have not yet been occupied are being renovated.

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