A social network is trying to “improve” its reputation in the eyes of the russia by deleting the accounts of Ukrainians

A social network is trying to "improve" its reputation in the eyes of the russia by deleting the accounts of Ukrainians

It turns out that Meta is not going to delve into the context of Ukrainian bloggers' posts. It is easier for them to ban and delete accounts than to deal with, for example, irony and humor. In case of formal signs of violation it sends you to the ban. 13 bans in a row — get the fuck out of here!

"Yes, there is genocide against Ukrainians, whole cities are being destroyed, they are trying to destroy your country physically, but you should take it easy on them! We have our community rules, and you have no right to even light emotions and irony in our social network," that's how it sounds.

All the signs indicate that the social network is trying to "improve" its reputation in the eyes of the russian government by deleting the accounts of popular Ukrainian bloggers, who, among other things, help raise funds for drones and other equipment for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Thus Meta tries to urge russia to unblock Instagram and Facebook there, because it is a big advertising market. It is likely that this is a condition for the return of these social networks to russia: the russian troops destroy Ukrainian citizens, and algorithms with administrators destroy Ukrainian bloggers’ accounts.

What’s more interesting — in 2022, most Ukrainian FB bloggers received a “disservice” from Meta: when FB reported that although some of your posts violated community standards, and you had no right to post, comment, or like anything for 30 days, you had the right to continue using FB without restrictions, which led the user to the logical conclusion that either 1) the appeal had worked, because in fact there was no ban, 2) the system was buggy and there was no violation in fact, 3) the amnesty for Ukrainian FB users referred to by the world mass media worked, because of which Facebook and Instagram had been banned in russia. However, the counter of bans works every time and the 13th ban is already the reason for automatic deletion of the account. If the account is in the ban for 30 days, then of course the author is very careful with his blog. That is, this "disservice" looks like a 100% deliberate provocation.

Besides, there is no list of prohibited words in FB. If you call the occupiers "orcs" (or use another harsh word), FB does not want to get into it and considers it an insult to the entire people of russia. Nonsense: the list of stop words is not publicly available, but users are mercilessly banned for these words.

Such a large company and such incompetent management, similar to the soviet institute dean's office.

Last, but not the least, Twitter also deny possibility to register a new account from Ukraine or with the use of Ukraine phone number. But it will be another publication.

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