Russian troops in Crimea ready for large scale warfare

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24 thousand of Russian soldiers, 100 aircrafts, 613 tanks and 4 submarines – occupants ‘prepared’ Crimea for the holiday season.

Defence Intelligence of Ministry of Defense claims that as of May there are 24 thousand of Russian soldiers, 100 aircrafts, 53 helicopters, 613 tanks and a lot of other military equipment. This information was provided by the Defence Intelligence of Ministry of Defense representative, Vadim Skybytskiy, according to «Ukrainian News».
In addition, there are 162 artillery systems and 4 submarines on the territory of the Crimea.
Skybytskiy added, that before the end of 2020 Russia plans to double quantity of soldiers and military equipment.

Maria Nesheva, EMPR

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Uh, no. Try farther back to northern India. Ukraine was just a migratory pit stop.


Not at all. There are indications that some migration actually went from Ukraine to India.


That explains out tendencies: to want to be free but always beholden to another entity; to want to socialize and hold on to our friendships; to fight whenever there are injustices to be found; to hold on to our faiths whatever they may be; to live off the earth and starve when that becomes not possible; and to drink in order to maintain our desperation for a freedom we will never have.

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