Putin’s statement on Ukrainian military ships return is a humiliating handout

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Chubarov called Putin’s statement on Ukrainian military equipment return from the occupied Crimea “a humiliating handout”.

Chairman of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people Refat Chubarov calles the statement of Russian President Vladimir Putin on the return of Ukrainian ships from Crimea “a humiliating handout” and proposes on not to react.
“The bandit, who already feels with his vile soul the iniquity of an international court and a fair punishment for his crimes, cannot yet stop in his attempts to humiliate Ukraine. And this will end with the fact that simultaneously with the return of the Crimea, the government of Russia will pay compensation to Ukraine for the disastrous consequences of the temporary occupation of the Crimea and unleashed war in the east of Ukraine,” Chubarov said.
“Those who have already fallen at Putin’s humiliating handout: if you do not have the honor and national pride, at least do not subject them to the universal shame. It’s not necessary to console the enemy and disappoint friends. Just not dishonor Ukraine!” – He continued and added: “Just know, we will stand and return everything – Crimea, Donbass, free our fellow citizens!”
As reported, V. Putin declared about Russia’s readiness to transfer to Ukraine military ships and aircraft from Crimea.


Find below EMPR flashback on Crimea annexation process by the Russian forces in the March 2014:

EMPR Video Chronicles Occupied Crimea is available here.



Image credits: ‎qha.
Source: interfax.
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