Everything began with Crimea, it will end with Crimea

On the eve of the Ukrainian offensive, there was a painful aggravation among sympathizers of the under-empire. In particular, Brazilian President Luiz da Silva was notable.

He said that one cannot wish for everything, so Ukraine should give up Crimea, and this will supposedly bring lasting peace. I would immediately like to wish Lula (as he calls himself) that his presidential term would be incomplete, because you can't wish for everything.

Lulu's remarks are an echo of the fact that Crimea is something sacred to the Kremlin Fuhrer. He tried to agree with Kuchma on "special relations between Russia and Crimea," and with Yanukovych on the economic seizure of Crimea in the form of investments of more than $100 billion. But Donbas is right up Putin's alley. Especially after the sub-empire has virtually destroyed it - not only the rebellion, but also the Russian defense is senseless and ruthless.

Important issues should be approached soberly, with a minimum of emotion. Such a sober analysis leads to the conclusion that Ukraine desperately needs Crimea. In military, economic, and geopolitical terms.

Even the loss of the occupied Donbas is unlikely to cause destructive processes in the Russian government. Only a change of government and deep democratization of the Russian Federation (or better yet, its disintegration!) can guarantee not only an end to hostilities, but peace. But the loss of Crimea could lead to such processes.

Crimea is a military control over the Black Sea, without which our sea transportation will not be safe. The distance between Yalta and Sinop on the Turkish coast is 290 kilometers, which is exactly what our Neptunes cover.

Crimea is a potential European-level resort that can be developed with Turkey and other investors. These are large ports with the appropriate infrastructure.

In short, we can look for a hybrid military-diplomatic procedure to return Crimea, but we cannot categorically abandon it.

But the fact that such a Putin supporter as Lulu da Silva actually hints that the under-empire is ready to give up everything but Crimea in search of respite eloquently characterizes the despair that now reigns in the Kremlin.

Oleksandr Kochetkov

Ukraine Front Lines


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