The wife of Denys Prokopenko from Azov says that he has been taken to Russia

According to Kateryna Prokopenko, she learned about her husband’s removal from the Russian media. But no one has officially confirmed this information to her.

“Government agencies do not finally confirm to me, because it is difficult to confirm anything here. I understand that Russia has hidden the command staff, is hiding other soldiers and officers and does not disclose their whereabouts,” Kateryna Prokopenko said in an interview with Suspilne.

She added that the Red Cross does not comment on her husband’s whereabouts either. “It’s basically the Red Cross’s job to answer me, but I still don’t know where my husband is. Even if he is in Russia, there must be communication with the Moscow branch of the Red Cross. But there’s none,” the woman said.

To remind, the Ministry of Defense emphasized earlier that there can be no other way to rescue Ukrainian Azovstal defenders than the one currently in use.

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The myth about Ukrainian fascism must die as soon as possible.

Ukraine Front Lines.

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