Russian troops settled a substantial military camp nearby Ukrainian borders

Russian troops settled a substantial military camp nearby Ukrainian borders –  as stated by the intelligence sources.

A group of independent investigators from the Conflict Intelligence Team (CIT) found out a Russian military camp in the Voronezh region – 150-250 km from the Ukrainian border. CIT concluded that the Russian forces’ disposition is rather offensive than self-defensive. 

A detailed and thorough investigation of all the evidence concerning Russian troops that have arrived in the Voronezh region concluded that they are concentrated in the field camp south of the Voronezh region (around 250 km from the border of  Kharkiv and Luhansk regions of Ukraine), and, possibly, south of Ostrogozhsk (150 km from the border). The essential part of the military equipment belongs to the Central Region Command – it traveled hundreds and thousands of kilometers to get to Voronezh. 

The Intelligence team scrutinized a video from social networks and concluded that the military equipment of the Central Region Command has been unloaded on Maslovka and Triohsvyatska stations in the Voronezh suburb. Video shows military equipment used to transport a heavy flamethrower system and an infantry fighting vehicle as well as various equipment parked directly in the Maslovka station area.

Other videos depict the BMP column on tank transporters and the column of a multiple rocket launcher “Hurricane”. 

Investigators could not define exactly the campsite coordinates based on the video and the photos, however, they assume, that it is placed on the northern part of the military test site “Pogonovo” nearby Maslovka. The campsite also has a hospital and a cookhouse. 

Investigators from Bellingcat and a team of video investigators of the New York Times have pieces of evidence such as satellite photos of the camp on “Pogonovo” test site south of Voronezh. 

NYT journalist Christian Tribert published high-resolution photos clearly showing hundreds of military equipment in the Voronezh Region. 

Source: twitter

Before that, the group of independent investigators CIT (Conflict Intelligence Team) found videos that serve as proof of Russia moving its military equipment to Ukrainian borders while masking license plates. 


Source: ukrpravda

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