Belarus begins mobilization exercises on border with Ukraine

On June 22, the Ministry of Defense of Belarus began mobilization exercises with military commissariats of the Gomel region bordering Ukraine.

This is stated in a report of the Belarusian ministry, writes Ukrayinska Pravda.

The exercises will be held until July 1 and, according to the report, they are allegedly scheduled. They are held under the leadership of the head of the main organization and mobilization department, the deputy chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces.

The official purpose of the exercises is to test the readiness of military commissariats to carry out assignment tasks.

“During the exercises, issues of supplementary staffing of military commissariats through conscripting reservists will be worked out. Classes will be conducted with military personnel at the military training camp,” the report says.

It is planned that military commissariats will carry out “measures to notify and present those liable for military service at the points of departure to military units.”

After the formation of appropriate teams, conscripts will be sent to their place of residence, thus verifying the control notification.

In order to conduct the notification and collection of persons liable for military service, appropriate notification and collection sites will be deployed at the points of departure.

In order to create a situation close to real, it is planned to involve units of special operations forces of the Armed Forces.

As the IS group reported, the rascists are trying to drag Belarus into someone else’s war.


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