The fifth Bouquet Kyiv Stage festival is taking place in Kyiv

The fifth Bouquet Kyiv Stage festival is taking place in Kyiv

This year, the Bouquet Kyiv Stage high art festival takes place in a more restrained wartime format and with all the necessary security precautions. Yet it still offers guests a complete musical and visual program, intellectual conversations, and that special atmosphere when like-minded people gather under the protection of the thousand-year-old walls of Sophia.

The festival runs from August 5 to 7 in Sophia Kyivska and the Golden Gate and covers musical, visual, and film genres.

The theme of this year's festival is "In the name of life." And the inclusive idea is the expression of personality. And also finding support, help, and faith. And also - gratitude.

"Last year, we held the Bouquet Kyiv Stage under pandemic and quarantine restrictions to let everyone feel the world was not destroyed and that there were things in it to rely on, such as art," says the moving spirit and co-founder of Bouquet Kyiv Stage Iryna Budanska.

“We need even more support this year, finding it in ourselves, those around us, and art. And also in our unity and gratitude to all those defending us today at the front and in the rear, who do their best in the name of life."

The organizers of Bouquet Kyiv Stage - the team of the cultural center “Dom Mayster Klas” – explain that this year's festival is expression of gratitude to all our defenders. The theme of war is present in every event of the festival — sometimes it is visible, and sometimes it is very faint, metaphorical, and illusive.

"Preparing the music program, we thought of the musicians and the meaning behind their choice to stay in the city, go on stage and present particular music because this is not just another choice of a program. For every musician, it is a civic position. Each orchestra member is seen as a lead singer; everyone has become a high-profile person," explains Hanna Hadetska, co-curator of the festival's musical direction.

Three chamber concerts will be held daily in three locations - Khlibni, St. Sophia Cathedral, and Golden Gate. In the concert program: a duet born during the war — Yevhen Hromov and Ihor Zavhorodniy, the concert "Reconstruction" by Anton Dehtiaryov, a concert for two harpsichords by Olha Shadrina-Lychak and her student Paola Prokopenko, concerts by the Kyiv Camerata and the Classical Music Ensemble named after Borys Lyatoshynsky with a choral program that is thoroughly imbued with the idea of ​​addressing the forces that support, give confidence and comfort. Jazz evening programs are held at the Golden Gate, including the Nazgul Shukaeva Trio concert "Lullabies".

"The feelings of every moment, especially musical, have escalated. The perception of the classics has completely changed. We need music that has healing power," says Yevhen Hromov, co-curator of the music program.

This year's film bouquet program is dedicated to the theme "Culture vs War". The eponymous documentary series, dedicated to artists who are at war, will include two films directed by Kadim Tarasov. These are movies about cinematographer and photo artist Serhiy Mykhalchuk and actor and director Akhtem Seitablayev. More than 20 short films are also in the program.

The festival program also includes sight-seeing tours of St. Sophia Cathedral, the Golden Gate, and the Metropolitan's House.

The festival is traditionally free; one only needs to pay an entrance fee to visit the territory of Sophia Kyivska or the Golden Gate. Pre-registration for all events of the music program is also mandatory this year. Registration is not required for film screenings, conversations under the ash tree, and photo exhibitions.

During this week-end Kyiv welcomes art festival.

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