An exhibition of front line photographs “Collision line” of Kostiantyn and Vlada Liberov opens in Kyiv

An exhibition of front line photographs "Collision line" of Kostiantyn and Vlada Liberov opens in Kyiv

Photo exhibition of Kostiantyn and Vlada Liberov to open in Kyiv: admission for donation for drones.

Kyiv will host an exhibition of front-line photos by the famous couple Kostiantyn and Vlada Liberov. It will feature 150 documentary photos and videos taken over the past two years in frontline cities and on the frontlines.

Photographers Kostyantyn and Vladyslav Liberova from Odesa have focused on artistic documentaries since the beginning of the war in Ukraine. Their photos from many cities of Ukraine become viral on social networks and are often published in foreign media. On April 5, an exhibition of front-line photographs "Collision Line" will open at VDNG. This is reported on the official website of the national exhibition complex.

Among the pictures: “Shell Cemetery in Kharkiv”, “Battle of Bakhmut”, “Winter at the Front. Serebriansky Forest”, “30 Hours at Zero”, “Da Vinci's Last Assault” and other war series.

Separately, there will be photos showing the real life of civilians in Maryinka, Bakhmut, Soledar, Kherson, Lysychansk, Bucha, Mykolayiv and other Ukrainian cities affected by the Russian invasion.

Entrance - for a donation from 100 hryvnias and more, you can also buy any work if you wish. Funds collected during the exhibition will be used to purchase 1,000 FPV drones for the military.

When: April 5 - 21, 2024

Where: VDNH, pavilion 4, Kyiv, Ukraine.

Opening hours: daily from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Entrance for donation from 100 hryvnias.

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