Сultural landing: Oleh Skrypka held concerts near Bakhmut for Ukraine defenders

The rock star and founder of the Kraina Mriy (Land of Dreams) festival visited the military units of the Defense Forces of Ukraine that protect Bakhmut and the approaches to it.

Oleh Skrypka held four concerts for the 59th separate motorized infantry brigade named after Yakiv Handziuk, for the 9th separate motorized infantry battalion "Vinnytsia", for the 10th separate motorized infantry battalion "Polyssia", the 11th separate motorized infantry battalion "Kyivska Rus" and the tank battalion.

BAKHMUT, Ukraine. Oleh Skrypka held a concert to Ukrainian defenders. Photo credits: Oleh Skrypka.

The performances were held on the initiative of the Cultural Landing movement co-founded by singer, TV presenter and showman Kolia Syerga. It was he who invited Oleh Skrypka to give concerts for Ukrainian defenders.

BAKHMUT, Ukraine. Spring has come to the hottest spot at the Ukrainian front as Oleh Skrypka held a concert for Ukrainian defenders there. Video credits: Oleh Skrypka.

Such concerts not only raise morale of soldiers and give us an opportunity to express our support, but also help to recover emotionally. It is important for both soldiers and musicians to distract from the war realities and plunge into the world of music, lyrics and pathos. Most of our soldiers have been participating in combat actions for almost a year. That is why it is surprisingly important to communicate with them, support them, and together strengthen our faith in our victory, Oleh Skrypka shares his impressions.

The concerts were held in small venues with minimal equipment. But according to the singer, who during his career got used to stadiums and palaces of sports, the main thing was to exchange powerful energy with people, thanks to whom we continue to be a free and independent country, people who risk their lives for the sake of our freedom.

BAKHMUT, Ukraine. Oleh Skrypka arrive to support Ukrainian defenders at the hottest spot. Video credits: Oleh Skrypka.

Of course, fatigue can be seen on their faces, but our defenders are extremely motivated and strong in spirit. I don't know who gains more energy: the guys from my music, or me from their steel will, - says the musician sincerely.

Oleksandr Lozovskyi, Serhiy Asafatov and musician Oleksandr Hordieyev, whose son Oleksii had gone missing near Bakhmut, came to these concerts together with Oleh. Fortunately, Oleksii was found and released after a month and a half in captivity with almost no food or water. Oleksandr wanted to thank Oleksii’s brothers-in-arms who had saved his son, but at that moment they were on a combat mission.

BAKHMUT, Ukraine. Oleg Skrypka ana Ukrainian defenders. Photo credits: Oleh Skrypka.

It should be reminded that Oleh Skrypka recently sang the cult folk hit "Hutsulka Ksenia" specially for the "DNA" project. "DNA" is a musical project aimed to convey to Ukrainian listeners all the multidimensionality of the Ukrainian musical tradition and present legendary Ukrainian tracks in the new sounding. Together with Oleh Skrypka, DOROFEEVA, Maks Barskykh, Tina Karol and many other famous Ukrainian artists took part in the project.

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