Music that can be seen: modern trend made in Ukraine

Pianist Alexey Botvinov modern video art performance Music that can be seen: modern trend made in Ukraine This story is about the most amazing visual representation of music that was 100% made by Ukrainians and in Ukraine

Is it possible to combine the world-known classical music with a modern video art performance? Yes. How does it look like? Perfect! This story is about the most amazing visual representation of music that was 100% made by Ukrainians and in Ukraine.

Pianist Alexey Botvinov, national artist of Ukraine, is one of Ukraine’s most renowned concert pianists. He has performed in over 40 countries. He holds the honor of acquainting the world with the rich tradition of piano music in Odesa.

Alexey Botvinov loves to play the compositions of modern artists; he always chooses to perform the music using fresh forms of presentation. Being in high demand for concert performances all over the world Botvinov has an intimate knowledge of modern performance art.

THE MUSIC OF LOVE project incorporates multi-media technology perfectly worked out by VJ Videomatics in a live concert performance.

The multi-media show THE MUSIC OF LOVE will plunge you into a world of passion and dazzling images. The masterpieces of Chopin, Rachmaninoff, and Mozart, along with Philip Glass and the Odesa native Jan Freudlin takes you on a musical journey from the classics to jazz and rock. Visual effects and soloists from the KYIV KAMERATA ensemble under the direction of Valeriy Matiukhin round out the show.

Mingling movie and performance THE MUSIC OF LOVE tells the story of love in music and images. What a way to usher in spring: the powerful emotions, the feelings of light and warmth that people experience by attending the concerts raise proud of Ukrainian professionalism and touching feeling of endless MUSIC OF LOVE.

More updates on MUSIC OF LOVE performance’s authors Alexey Botvinov is available here and VJ Videomatics here.


O. R. contributed to this publication

Photos by VJ Videomatics and Svitlana Skryabina


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