Kyiv International Short Film Festival: 100 films in 100 minutes

There is definitely room for short films in Ukraine. Fourth ‘100 Films in 100 Minutes’ took place in Kyiv, as part of Kyiv International Short Film Festival (KISFF).

Authors of minute-long films are directors from all over the world. For four days, everybody could come to the old cosy ‘Kinopanorama’ in order to live 100 lives within an hour; to burst out laughing or to cry soblessly.


‘Initially there was willingness’, tells us the organizer of the film festival, Kyrylo Marikutsa. Then, four years ago, in the spring, first in Ukraine international short film festival was held . That very year the first ‘100 Films in 100 Minutes’ took place. But this format is not something groundbreaking – similar film festivals are held all over the world, in some countries they have been existing for more than 20 years. As part of KISFF, Kyiv Music Film takes place as well – a cinema delight for all those who appreciate music as much as cinema. Each month or two, one gets a rare opportunity to watch movies about favourite musicians on the big screen – starting from sessions of cult artists filmed by La Blogothèque, and finishing with documentaries about Nick Cave.


The team of the film festival is not big – 3 people constantly working on the project. During the event itself this team grows up to 10 people. Preparations for the main event - Kyiv International Short Film Festival – start 6 months in advance, while working on ‘100 Films in 100 Minutes’ commences 3 months ahead of the festival. The selection of short films happens in different ways.


Organizers get plenty of works sent by directors, many films are chosen from other film festivals. There are also works found by all other means. This year, there were approximately 1500 applicants, from which 100 minute-long films were traditionally selected. Among the latter – 14 works of Ukrainian directors.


‘Ukrainian cinema finds it hard to exist nowadays’, says Marikutsa. – It lacks literally everything, it lacks the industry as such – there is none at all, while directors simply lack background. They lack funding, facilities, platforms for activities and development. Ukrainian cinema needs strategy – not a short-term one, but the one for 5-10 years, with distinct instruments of funding, macrostategy if you will, not dependant on the political situation inside the country.’


Nevertheless, the number of Ukrainian films in Ukrainian cinemas is unceasingly getting bigger – just like the festival itself. Its audince is growing each year, and the event is changing as well, so that the viewer wants to attend it from year to year, and leave inspired.


‘Now we are working on the fifth film festival which will be held next spring. In addition to that, ‘100 Films in 100 Minutes’ are setting off for a film tour around Ukraine, with more than 20 cities on the map. ‘We ask viewers to go to our website and vote in order to select this year’s best works’, comments Marikutsa. ‘Final film shows will take place in Kyiv at the beginning of December – exactly then we will announce the winners.’

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