Ukraine: Exposing russia’s Bucha Disinformation

Anyone who has followed the trial and events surrounding the downing of flight MH17, will be well aware of how russia’s disinformation operates. It fraudulently highlights one small thing to claim one giant genuine thing never happened. And so it is with the slaughter of hundreds of men and women by the russian army in the town of #Bucha and surrounding area near #Ukraine‘s capital Kyiv.

russia’s ministry of defence falsely claims one of the many bodies filmed strewn along a road in Bucha moves – thereby suggesting actors are merely pretending to be dead and russia’s genocidal massacre has been faked. This video exposes russia’s Ministry of Defence for the incompetent con artists they’ve always been. I must say my heart goes out to those civilians brutally murdered by Russia and my heart goes out to the victims family and friends. I’m truly sorry for having to highlight one of the victims in this video – but it had to be done to expose Russia’s shameful lies.


Links: Russia’s Ministry of Defence Telegram post with the slowed down version of the video The Expreso.TV video which russia’s Ministry of Defence used and slowed down…

Link to the Ukrainian Ministry of Defence and the original video… – this was widely posted on social media and is a better quality video than those used by russia’s Ministry of Defence and Expreso.TV.

Video credit: Glasnost Gone

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