Ukraine has received T-72B tanks from Morocco

Ukraine has received T-72B tanks from Morocco

Ukraine took away from Morocco an unknown number of T-72B tanks, as they underwent modernization from the Czech Republic. Close to twenty single tanks were deployed on the battlefield a week ago.

The Moroccan army is small with 148 units of T-72, 136 units of T-72B and 12 units of T-72BK from the reserves of the Belarusian army, which were brought together by two parties in 1999 and 2000. Then the Moroccan General Staff wanted to create a "Russian" pivnich brigade in the country against the Algerian armored divisions.

It means that the decision of Morocco about the delivery of tanks to Ukraine was praised by the Primus at the Ramstein summit on April 26, 2022, organized by the Successful States.

At that summit, Tunisia and Morocco were the only lands, as they represented Pivnichnu Africa. At that hour, Tunis, having sent two flying planes to the Rzeszow airport near Poland, de-seered the logistical help of Ukraine, and Morocco, it seems, inherited its butt, having sent not humanitarian help, but zbroyu.

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