Russia plans to consolidate its total dominance in the Black Sea

It became known that in the coming years Russia’s Black Sea Fleet will be strengthened with new Project 22350 frigates Admiral Gorshkov.

This reinforcement is not against Ukraine. It is to counteract NATO and US activity in the Mediterranean. However, if necessary, the watercraft will be used to block the Black Sea ports.

Project 22350 frigates are the most modern ships currently built by Russia. They are designated to fight submarines and warships in oceans and seas both independently and within hunter-killer group.

The displacement is typical of modern large frigates – 4,500 tons (standard) and 5,400 tons (full). The CODAG turbine has 2 M55R diesel and gas turbine powerplants (2  10D49 diesels and 2 M90FR turbines). The speed is ​​up to 29.5 knots with a range of up to 4,500 miles. The cruising capacity is 30 days.

The ship has a powerful weapons complex:

– A-192M multipurpose gun mount of 130 mm

– two 3M89 Palash anti-aircraft artillery complexes of 30mm

– 16 vertical launch cells for Kalibr rockets (anti-ship, winged or anti-submarine) or 3K55 Onyx heavy supersonic anti-ship or perspective 2M22 Zircon hypersonic anti-ship.

– 4×8 3S97 launchers for the 3K96 Redut  air defense missile system (32 9M96 guided  missiles with a firing range of 150 km or 128 9M100 guided  missiles with a firing range of 15 km)! The missiles can be combined in different proportions to form two levels of air defense.

– 2×4 “Packet-A” CM-588 launchers of 330 mm (with compact thermal torpedoes MTT and M-15 anti-torpedoes) are available for destruction of submarines and anti-torpedo protection

–  There are also 14.5 mm machine guns, portable air defense missile systems, anti-sabotage grenade launchers.

All these weapons are controlled by powerful radars, Sound Surveillance Systems, EW and Air Space Communications complexes.

The air group is represented by one Ka-27 helicopter.

According to the Ukrainian Military Center’s estimates, since the occupation of Crimea Russia has strengthened the Black Sea Fleet with at least 38 warships and boats, including:

  • 6 diesel submarines (with Kalibr rockets)
  • 3 frigates (with Kalibr rockets)
  • 3 small rocket ships (Kalibr rockets)
  • 2 ocean minesweepers
  • 2 patrol corvettes
  • 1 medium-sized reconnaissance ship
  • 16 patrol / amphibious / anti-sabotage boats

Besides, at least 42 auxiliary vessels were commissioned: salvage and rescue ships, coastal survey vessels, tugboats, crane boats, etc.

We have studied the issue and described all the weapons in detail.

There are no conclusions. It’s just a cold fact of our powerlessness in the face of confrontation with Russia at sea.


Source: Ukrainian military center

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