50 000 tons of products was delivered from Russia’s Novorossiysk to the U.S. Naval Station Norfolk

50,000 tons of products was delivered from Russia's Novorossiysk to the U.S. Naval Station Norfolk

The monitoring group of the Black Sea Institute for Strategic Studies and BlackSeaNews is not surprised to report that miracles in this world have not ended, and we no longer have any anger or disappointment - only sarcastic laughter.

So, on December 7, 2023 at 02:40, the tanker AVENCA, IMO 9410002, brought 50 thousand tons of Russian oil products by direct voyage from... where would you think... Novorossiysk. And the main humor is where? 

And here - Naval Station Norfolk is the main naval base of the US Navy on the east coast of the country, located in the southeastern part of Hampton Roads Bay at the exit from the Chesapeake Bay to the Atlantic Ocean. 

Andrii Klymenko investigates.

Map credits: Andrii Klymenko

The base provides the location of the main forces of the Fleet Forces Command, formerly the Atlantic Fleet, and unites formations and units of the Navy, Marine Corps and Naval Aviation of the 2nd, 4th and 6th operational fleets of the US Navy, which have areas of operational responsibility in the Atlantic, Mediterranean and Indian Ocean. 

It is the largest naval base in the world and the largest installation of the US Navy, which houses 75 warships, 14 piers and berths, as well as 134 aircraft and 11 aircraft hangars.

The Norfolk Naval Base is the main homeport for four carrier strike groups and their ships.

Photo credits: Andrii Klymenko

What about the embargo that has been in effect since February 5, 2023?

The tanker left Novorossiysk ATD: 2023-11-13 13:38. It belongs to a company... where do you think it comes from? - Germany, a country participating in the embargo - Ship manager/Commercial manager CHEMIKALIEN SEETRANSPORT GMBH Mattentwiete 1, 20457 Hamburg, Germany.

Registered owner ORYX SHIPPING COMPANY NV Care of Chemikalien Seetransport GmbH , Mattentwiete 1, 20457 Hamburg, Germany.

Friends, spread this humor, it must and can be stopped.

UPD: Update to the previous post regarding the direct voyage of the AVENCA tanker from Novorossiysk to Norfolk (USA). 

Several leading Ukrainian maritime business experts, as well as friends with contacts in the United States, have joined today on their own initiative to clarify all possible details of the AVENCA tanker's direct voyage from Novorossiysk to Norfolk (USA), namely, to clarify the nature of the cargo. 

We are very grateful to them for this. This is our true Ukrainian solidarity.

As a result, it was reported that the tanker's documents might have contained a solution of UAN (urea-ammonia mixture), a mineral fertilizer that is not formally subject to sanctions. We continue to work on clarifying the cargo. Moreover, the port of Novorossiysk has never specialized in exporting liquid fertilizers by tanker (this was the specialty of the Baltic ports). They are only planning to build such a terminal in Novorossiysk.

Unlike experts and journalists in Western countries, we know that it is not a problem at all for the Russian side to falsify something in contracts and any other documents accompanying the cargo, but a common practice. Especially when it smells fried...

But. Even if the version about the urea-ammonia mixture is confirmed, it does not remove a lot of moral and ethical questions - namely, why, at the end of the 2nd year of the great war, does American business go into such "business" with Russia? how and in what currency does it pay with Russia? does it understand where these dollars go?

Of course, this is a broader issue that concerns, for example, the EU's imports of Russian liquefied gas, the thousands of Western companies that continue to operate in Russia and pay taxes there, and much more. 

By and large, we should be talking about a complete economic blockade of Russia by the civilized democratic world. And we will come to this. Because there is no other way.

In principle, there should be no such flights. No matter what!

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