The U.S. is going to “sell” another hoax instead of inviting Ukraine to NATO

The Biden administration is going to "sell" another hoax instead of inviting Ukraine to NATO

At the NATO jubilee summit to be held on July 9-11, 2024 in Washington D.C., the U.S., the Biden administration was going to "sell" Ukraine another hoax in the form of creating a "NATO transformation mission" instead of inviting Ukraine to NATO.

This was reported by the Foreign Affairs.

This strange idea has already been announced by US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan at the meeting of NATO national security advisers on February 7, 2024.

As part of this "transformation", the Biden administration plans to transfer a decision on providing military aid to Ukraine from the Rammstein format, when aid is provided by individual states’ decisions, to the "NATO mission" format, when a decision on military aid to Ukraine will be made by NATO.

If the Biden administration succeeds in doing this, it’ll be another gift to Putin for making it easier to block military aid to Ukraine. The Kremlin can always find its Orbans or Erdogans in Europe who’ll block the adoption of NATO's decision under the guise of some made-up reasons in exchange for non-public "cookies" from the Kremlin.

But to implement such a plan, Washington must secure the consent of Ukraine in advance, which must play along at the summit, feigning joy and gratitude for Biden's unprecedented generosity and care.

The detention by NABU-SAP of Artem Shylo, who provided cash flows to OP, until recently officially worked in the SBU and whose corruption was long known both to the Ukrainian public and to Washington, is probably the reaction of Biden-Salivan-Burns to Zelensky's intransigence.

Obviously, Washington has not obtained loyalty from Zelensky yet, and in the matter of destroying Putin’s oil refineries deep in the Russian Federation will look for "buttons" to put pressure on OP. It is clear that Shylo can give NABU investigators some very embarrassing evidence about the "managers" from Zelensky’s team who are very close to him, but.

Ukraine's ability to destroy large industrial facilities deep in the Russian Federation is becoming a key factor in ensuring the survival of the Ukrainian people, and it is necessary to throw maximum efforts and resources into this endeavor.

But where is justice, you may ask! We must become stronger and establish it!

Vladyslav Olenchenko

Ukraine Front Line


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