The political crisis in russia was predictable and inevitable

The political crisis in russia was predictable and inevitable

The political crisis in russia was predictable and inevitable. An imperial campaign for new lands cannot cover internal problems in the state. It can only exacerbate them. And that is exactly what is happening.

No matter what kind of state they build, they still end up with a "Gulag" that sooner or later rebels and destroys it. 

The war in Ukraine has shown the weakest point of the Russian empire: fear of the truth. All their decisions are based on lies. 

They have always created "air castles" for the tsar and believed in them themselves. This is such an imperial feature - to inflate their own greatness and overestimate themselves. 

This led them to a completely inadequate decision to start a war with Ukraine without a systematic, truthful calculation of their own capabilities. It was all about ambition and arrogance. 

The price of this wrong decision is the fate of Russia itself. 

They are at war with us, but they are destroying themselves. 

If we look at it globally as an evolutionary process, an unviable system has launched a program of self-destruction. 

There is no conspiracy or global conspiracy in this. These are natural processes. 

They will destroy themselves as a state in this form, and we will naturally win, because we are evolutionarily ready to move forward. 

We are a nation that is now creating a new type of culture in front of the whole world. Before us, culture always lost to barbarism. And we are proving that it is possible to be strong, defend ourselves and remain civilized. 

Therefore, the future is ours, and Russia's is the past. 

How should we view the events that have begun in Russia? 

As an inevitable degradation of the Russian state. 

What does this mean for us? 

A window of opportunity.

Should we rejoice? 

It is better to be cautious and prepare for any scenario. 

Therefore, we do not relax. Let's keep working for our strengthening and victory.

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