Russia in Ukraine for 7 months surpassed the death toll of the U.S. in Vietnam for 16 years 

Historic day for Russians: for 7 months in Ukraine, they surpassed the death toll of the U.S. in Vietnam for 16 years, having lost more than 60 thousand soldiers.

The First Chechen War, the Second Chechen War, Afghanistan. These wars took place on the territory of Ukraine from February 24, 2022 to October 1, 2022. They took place for the russian federation. Again. Are you surprised? 

But that is true. In terms of the number of casualties, russia in these seven months and a week has surpassed all three wars combined: the First Chechen war – 5,500 killed, the Second Chechen war – 7,500, Afghanistan – 14,500, (according to the official estimate).

But today is an important, I would even say, historic day for Russians: on October 2, 2022, they surpassed the death toll of the U.S. in Vietnam, having lost more than 60 thousand soldiers. But there is one tricky point to consider:  the USA lost about 60 thousand soldiers in 16 years, from 1959 to 1975, and the russian federation – in seven months and a week! It’s cool, right?

I think that our government, especially Zelenskyi, should take this figure into consideration and announce the comparison with Vietnam to the world. This is a tremendous blow to the reputation of the crowd, which was once called the Russian army. I will bring this information to the attention of the government’s team.

But 60,000 – this is not the limit; there are still many wars, with which russian losses in Ukraine can and should be compared.

I have written many times about the fact that 60 thousand corpses is a critical limit for the russian army, and that it will be necessary to look at the front map exactly when the russian death toll reaches this number… Or am I wrong? Zhytomyr, Kyiv, Chernihiv and Sumy regions are completely cleared of russians, Kharkiv and Mykolaiv regions are 98 and 95%, respectively, a brilliant Lyman operation and perspective  Svatove-Kreminna and the right-bank Kherson region. Is it cool? Cool.

That is why Putin started the mobilization just when the number of corpses of his horde was steadily approaching 60 thousand. But he did not yet realize what exactly, from a military-historical point of view, he had done…

We are slowly entering winter. From a military point of view, it will begin in November. Putin wants to mobilize 1 million persons, our people are nervous, they are afraid … And I will tell you: we are entering the Finnish war, both from the point of view of the weather and from the point of view of history.

Do you know how many Finnish soldiers defended their land in the 1939-1940 war? 250 thousand. Do you know how many soldiers of the USSR attacked Finland? One. Million. A ratio of one to four.

As of today, we have 750,000 soldiers at the front. SOLDIERS armed with modern weapons of NATO countries. And what do russians have? Conscripts and almost completely destroyed elite units? Yes.

We enter the Finnish War, where skill will prevail over numbers, where high-precision artillery will destroy hordes, where strategy will win force. Actually, almost like then, in 1939-1940. And we have our own Mannerheim – Zaluzhny.

By the New Year, the number of the killed russian will reach 100 thousand, and this will be a terrible trigger within the russian federation. During the Finnish War, the USSR lost 150 thousand, and was excluded from the League of Nations, although it seized Karelia. Russia will lose 150 thousand by April 2023, will not seize “Karelia”, and it will be excluded from the Security Council. Remember my words. I did not lie to you about 60 thousand.

Nazar Prykhodko

Ukraine Front Lines


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