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October 17, 2017 in Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine an unlimited protest called “Vizvolenya” (Note: Literally “Liberation of Ukraine”) and initiated by the “Headquarters of the Trade Block with the occupiers” has started. What did you know about this protect? If nothing, follow the article to be aware.

The camp of protesters is located in the center of the government quarter of Kyiv on Grushevskogo Street, next to the Verkhovna Rada and the Cabinet of Ministers, and the protesters are mostly veterans-soldiers and officers, participants of military operations who protected Ukraine from the Russian occupation in the east part of our country.
Party symbols in the military camp are prohibited, only the flags of Ukraine and the National Liberation, as well as flags of public organizations and battalions. They decided to come and protect civilian protesting against Ukraine’s corrupted government. The former military officers several times defended the civil protest from dispersal by Special Forces. They understood that their demands were ignored and decided to take full responsibility for carrying out the action, and to go all the way punishing all top corrupt officials, pushing them aside of power, identifying and punishing the traitors of Ukraine, forcing all to comply with the laws of Ukraine equally.
On the Constitution Square near the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine there is a civil protest camp consisting of patriotic citizens of Ukraine who came from various cities to support this systemic anti-government protest, which was the first one in three years since the Euromaydan, which initiated the action.
The demands of the participants of the protest are addressed to the current government of Ukraine and in particular to the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, who promised his voters in 2014:

  1. To remove the oligarchs from power,
  2. To defeat corruption,
  3. Restore the rule of law,
  4. To return the occupied territories of Ukraine (Note: by that time it was the Crimea annexed by the direct military invasion in the south of Ukraine, which was recouped due to a direct military invasion of the territory of Donetsk and Lugansk regions in the east and southeast of Ukraine, in general 7% of the territory of Ukraine and as a result, almost full control of the southern coast of Ukraine in the Odessa, Mykolaiv and Kherson Oblasts with the Black Sea water area by Russian Federation),
  5. To improve social standards.

None of this points was executed by the elected president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko.
Therefore, soldiers and officers who participated in military operations defending Ukraine from the Russian occupation decided to continue protecting Ukraine and its citizens from internal occupation, the occupation of the oligarchy, that is, old and hardened corruption relations that were formed during the Soviet Union and parasitic on state interests, territories, resources, material and spiritual values, history and culture, deriving for themselves material or financial benefits to the detriment of the interests of citizens of this country.
Demands were put forward to the President of Ukraine with a five-day term for their execution.
  • Submit for consideration by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine a bill on the establishment of an independent anti-corruption court of Ukraine, capable of judging corrupt oligarchs, top politicians, ministers, deputies, judges and, if necessary, the President and all his environment.
  • Submit to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine a bill on the impeachment of the President of Ukraine.
As a result, President Poroshenko refused to comply with these requirements, several times ignoring them.
Several hundred of former servicemen led by current MP Semen Semenchenko, a former commander of the military battalion “Donbass”, now subordinated to the Interior Ministry headed by Arsen Avakov (Note: Real name Arsen B. Avakyan) and current MP Yegor Sobolev and former independent journalist who during the presidential elections in 2004, at the request of “Channel 5”, which belonged to President Poroshenko, covered the work of the election headquarters of Viktor Yanukovych, where the channel’s reporters were prohibited from access, later worked on “Channel” 5 till 2008.
None of the Ukrainian media hasn’t found it fit to cover a vivid protest in the very center of the capital, which was blocking the traffic that was already overloaded with over 2 million refugees from the Crimea and Donbass, besides a few Internet resources and small TV channels, announcing an information boycott and not carrying out their direct journalistic duties.
From the first day the camp was surrounded by a metal fence and thousands of policemen in the form of the National Guard of Ukraine and with the assistance of a reformed riot police unit of Berkut, equipped, armed and prepared as well as dozens of the best examples of the latest militia armored vehicles. The police, with the help of disguised staging provocateurs, many times tried to provoke an open force conflict, so the veterans adhered to strict discipline, but there were several fighting clashes as a result of which the young cops got their asses kicked by the special forces commandos who fought in several wars and it became clear that people who had been on the front are not interested in fighting with the young recruits. Donbass officially refused to beat the children. But the former Berkut was just warned that now there will be no more mercy for them and they will receive adequate feedback for any provocation on their part.
Both the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Administration of the President of Ukraine realized that it would not be possible to disperse this protoest by force. Veterans also decided to go all the way on.
At the same time, the National Bureau of Investigation of Ukraine (Note: NABU) initiated a number of breaking investigations aimed at the strategic businesses of Poroshenko and Avakov, that contradict with constitution and laws of Ukraine.
The organizers and participants of the protest in early 2017 successfully initiated the blockade of trade routes with Russia and the occupied territory of Lugansk and Donetsk regions in protest against any trade relations with the aggressor. The blockade of “trading on the blood” had a wide resonance in the Ukrainian and Russian media, and some Russian politicians and members of the government spoke very sharply on blockade and its results.
For the first time term “Trade on the Blood” was used (Note: Collaboration of the higher echelons of the Ukrainian government with higher echelons in the Russian government on the basis of aggressive lobbing of their second interests VS sabotage, conflict of interests, collaboration, blackmail, and direct financial interest and dependence of the Ukrainian government) in 2014-2015 by Ruslan Onishchenko and Mykola Tsukur from another volunteer battalion “Tornado”, as a result of which the battalion itself was soon disbanded and the leaders of the battalion are still behind the bars because of the fictional stories of banditry “Tornado” on the front lines in combat despite the fact that as a rule all the witnesses now live in Russia or in the occupied territory of Ukraine in Donetsk and Lugansk regions. Also, “Tornado” provided direct evidence of the involvement of the highest level of the Ukrainian government in the participation, organization of trade relations by the external aggressor, the Russian Federation.
It should be reminded that the volunteer battalion of the Donbass, once led by Semen Semenchenko, was created in the spring of 2014 to repel the Russian invasion in the east of Ukraine, took an active part in the military operations in Ilovaysk, Donetsk Airport, Debaltseve, Mariupol, Shyrokino, Avdiivka and others. Also starting from 2014 the battalion of Donbass was an active participant in the protests of the Presidential Administration and on the Maidan with demands to the government for taking urgent measures on the fact of the armed aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine.


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