How Poroshenko the Oligarch sells military equipment to Poroshenko the President

poroshenko kononento kuznya on rybalsky plant corruption military ukraine president

Detectives of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU) investigate the purchase of armored vehicles "Triton" at inflated prices from the plant, which belongs to the commander-in-chief, President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko and his colleague and business partner Igor Kononenko.

Solomensky District Court of Kyiv provided NABU detectives with temporary access to the documents of Kuznya on Rybalsky Plant (formerly Lenin's Smithy) owned by President Petro Poroshenko and Deputy Igor Kononenko in the case of the purchase of armored vehicles "Triton" at inflated prices.
This is stated in the ruling of the court of October 18, promulgated in the State Register of Judicial Decisions. NABU is investigating the purchase of armored vehicles "Triton" from Kuznya on Rybalskiy Plant by the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine with the money of the state budget, follows from the definition.
According to the investigation, the military unit of 1498 in November 2015 signed two contracts with the plant for a total amount of UAH 59.5 mln. Under the agreement, in December 2015 and March 2016, the Kuznya on Rybalsky Plant transferred 4 "Triton" armored vehicles.
The court notes that the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine Order No. 399 dated May 14, 2015 provided for the purchase by the Kharkiv Frontier detachment of 34 units of "combat distance modules" for total cost of UAH 161.5 mln. "That is, the cost of one combat remote module should be UAH 4.75 mln, however, in fact, the cost of one unit purchased by the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine" Triton-0103 " is equal to UAH 14.876 mln," the court said.
The audit also has found that the decision by the leadership of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine to purchase this special equipment prior to its commissioning is in violation of the Cabinet of the Ministers of Ukraine Resolution No. 345 of February 25, 2015, which approves the procedure for the supply of weapons, military and special equipment.
All this, as indicated in the court decision, led to the fact that budget funds expenses an imperfect special equipment was purchased, which at the time of acquisition could not fully perform the functions and tasks that the State Border Service of Ukraine expected during its purchase.
"The special equipment purchased at the expense of the budget funds of the State Border Service of Ukraine from the Kuznya on Rybalsky Plant in the amount of 4 units - in fact, in 2016, units of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine were not used for the intended purpose," the court decision says.
The court partially satisfied the requirements of the NABU and provided detectives with access to a number of technical and design documents.
It worth mentioned, that the largest shareholder of the Kuznya on Rybalskiy Plant is Prime Assets Capital that belongs to the current president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko with 82.5% stake. Another 11.5% stake in the company belongs to the VIC Foundation, that belong to Poroshenko's business partner Igor Kononenko.


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