Non-stop russian hysteria about depleted uranium

In view of non-stop hysteria from russia about depleted uranium, Oleksandr Kochetkov gave his expert opinion of a nuclear rocket scientist.

All those high-ranking freaks - Putin, Medvedev, Shoigu, Lavrov and others, sputtering snot and threats about tank shells with depleted uranium cores are just dumb halfwits unable to master high school physics. Or cynical liars who lie when they inhale, exhale and in between. By the way, one does not exclude the other.

They have no brains, so the Kremlin guys are guided by reflexes, like Pavlov's dogs: they hear the word "uranium" and all sorts of excretions begin.

But in fact depleted uranium is not about nuclear weapons, it’s just the opposite. Nuclear weapons use uranium enriched to 90%. Depleted uranium is 5-7% concentration; it is the waste product of uranium used in nuclear bombs and nuclear reactors. 

Let me illustrate this with an example that Dmitry Medvedev can understand. When moonshine is made, ethyl alcohol evaporates from the brew and then is consumed, and waste remains - fusel oils and all sorts of trash, which even the most jaded Kremlin organism will not accept.

The same goes for uranium. Its depleted fraction can’t be used for anything good, except to smack some arrogant idiot on the head. Because it's very dense and heavy. Uranium, not an idiot.

Or, given its high density, it can be used to make armor elements or a rod to pierce armor.

Depleted uranium is slightly radioactive. It's less radioactive than uranium ore - it's depleted. I'll say more: it's less radioactive than ordinary granite. The mausoleum of the mummy of Lenin on Red Square was built of granite. And Putin, who trembles for his own skin so much that he separates from his comrades-in-arms with a twelve-meter table, regularly stands next to that radioactive mausoleum, makes speeches, accepts parades... And he is not afraid! But he is afraid of depleted uranium. 

If the Kremlin is so worried about the radioactive threat to the health of its soldiers, then why did they drive them to take Kyiv through the Chornobyl zone and the "red forest," where the radiation level is so high that even trees mutate?

Indeed, the sending of armed ruscists to the territory of Ukraine is very harmful to their health. However, hundreds of thousands of them are sent to slaughter.

Incidentally, the aggressor army uses three types of armor-piercing ammunition with depleted uranium rods. And the under-empire uses against Ukraine everything they have, with the exception of mass destruction weapons. At least Shoigu ought to know about it. But he is silent, like Sharikov after repeated surgery.

In short, depleted uranium is radioactively dangerous only to those who are sure that horoscopes predict fate, the Earth is flat, the Americans have not been to the Moon, and the Russian army is the second-most powerful army in the world.

So, it turns out that this uranium can be used to make kitchen utensils and body jewelry? I do not recommend. Because depleted uranium, like many heavy metals such as lead, is toxic. And doctors warn about the consequences of exposure to it. In both cases, whether it penetrates the organism or armored vehicles, a lethal outcome is almost guaranteed.

Therefore, the most reliable method of protection against depleted uranium is the immediate evacuation of all "potentially affected" from the territory of Ukraine.

Oleksandr Kochetkov

Ukraine Front Lines


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Robert Gauthier

Up until the 1980s DU was used as a brightener in false teeth.

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