How the Middle East, EU and China contributed to providing the US aid to Ukraine

How the Middle East, EU and China contributed to providing the US aid to Ukraine

If we summarize the "political good news" on the last few days which made possible providing the US aid to Ukraine, we can see the following:

The events in the Middle East contributed to the aid from the United States (the united defense of non-NATO Israel by the United Kingdom and France in the democratic world showed double standards in politics and, fortunately for Ukraine, became a "springboard" for receiving the long-awaited aid);

Macron's seemingly not very convincing statement about the possible deployment of troops to Ukraine hurt everyone, and most of all the ego of the United States, which continues to see itself as a world leader.

The fact that the Armed Forces and the government, despite the lack of weapons, still stood firm and did not think about negotiating with Russia (let alone "surrendering").

Macron's and Scholz's trips to China and negotiations with Xi to refuse to help Russia and promise to provide China with investments and trade cooperation from the West that would help China overcome the economic crisis.

Blinkin's trip to China for three days, which will soon take place, is predicted to be historic, just like Kissinger's trip in 1971 when he managed to "tear China away" from the USSR during the Cold War and thus the United States and the West won a geopolitical victory and now it is the same, Blinkin has to convince China to go over to the side of the Western world and give Russia for "destruction", and in return he will receive Western investments and leased for a certain period of time Russian territories in Siberia, and will promise China in the future a peaceful way of unification with Taiwan.

It was China, i.e. Xi, who pushed and gave Putin the go-ahead for aggression in Ukraine, professing to benefit China:
- If Russia wins, it will significantly weaken the United States and Western Europe;
- and in case of Russia's defeat, to get the territories of the ancient Chinese in Siberia and to establish even better trade preferences in Western Europe for the United States and the losing-humiliated Russia.

Also, the United States and the West "turn a blind eye" to human rights violations in China and the Xi clique's oppression of the "Uyghurs", who are in terrible conditions (because of their struggle for independence).



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