World press about Ukraine: digest as of June 11, 2022

World press about Ukraine: digest as of June 11, 2022

World press about Ukraine latest updates in Ukraine Front Lines daily digest as of June 11, 2022.

Bloomberg: Biden says Zelenskyy brushed off warnings of Russia’s invasion

Joe Biden said during a political fundraiser that the president of Ukraine ignored warnings that Russia would invade Ukraine in the run-up to February 24.

He also accused Putin of trying to destroy Ukraine's culture, and said that the president considers the capital Kyiv "the seat of mother Russia".

The Russian troops has failed to capture Kiev, but they have advanced in the south and east of Ukraine, where Putin hopes to take over the entire Donbass region.

The Sun: Ukrainians flock to beaches in show of defiance despite Russian threats

People in Kiev are returning to the city's coastal beaches even as Ukraine faces the threat of a Russian cruise missile strike. They swim in the Dnieper River, despite shelling in other parts of the country.

Ukraine's interior minister said there is no danger of an attack on the capital, but the threat could arise quickly.

Daily banner: Ukraine received savior’s suitcases to help Ukrainians in other countries

Seven kits of technical special equipment for emergency aid to citizens in emergencies abroad were received from WhiteBIT. This includes a laptop, a printer, and various document processing devices. Emergency suitcases have powerful batteries, allowing for long periods of autonomous use.

iTV: Russia issues passports in occupied Ukrainian cities

Kremlin-appointed officials began distributing Russian passports to local residents. On Saturday, 23 residents of Kherson and an unnamed number of residents of Melitopol received passports. The Russian-appointed officials face growing resistance from the local population.

The Independent: Russia using anti-ship missiles on land targets

British military intelligence says that Russian bombers probably launched heavy anti-ship missiles from the 1960s because they lack more accurate modern missiles.

Such missiles, when used against ground targets, are very inaccurate and can cause serious damage and casualties.

Euronews: Ukraine-EU bid - Commission response 'by end of next week' on Kyiv's ambitions, says von der Leyen 

The president of the European Commission visited Kiev and promised to respond "next week" to Ukraine's ambitions to apply for EU membership after she met with Ukraine's president.

She stressed that the Ukrainian authorities are already on the right track and praised Ukraine's parliamentary-presidential system.

Ursula visited the city's historic district in Kiev after meeting with Zelenskyy.

Associated Press: Ukraine wins 2nd straight game in Nations League

Ukraine picked up its second straight victory in the Nations League, beating Armenia 3-0 thanks to three second-half goals in a game played in Poland.

They recovered well from their World Cup qualifying playoff loss against Wales on Sunday.

In the other group match on Saturday, Ireland takes on Scotland.

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