The OSCE does not consider Belarus a participant of the war against Ukraine

The report states that the territory of Belarus is used by Russia to attack Ukraine, but the country is not recognized as a party to the conflict.

According to the OSCE, Belarus is allegedly not a party to the conflict in Russia’s war against Ukraine. However, the Ukrainian side emphasizes that Russia is using the territory of Belarus to attack Ukraine.

These are the conclusions of the OSCE report, which will be presented today, April 13
It states that the territory of Belarus is used to attack Ukraine, but the country is not recognized as a party to the conflict.
The conclusions say that Belarus allegedly does not take a direct part in the war against Ukraine

“Although Belarus allows its territory to be used for Russian attacks on Ukraine, the Mission believes that it has not been a party to the international armed conflict since April 1, until it commits acts of violence or other acts involving people, who represent Belarus, being directly involved in hostilities,” the OSCE said in a statement.

At the same time, the Ukrainian side does not agree with this statement and puts forward arguments about Belarus’ involvement in the war, in particular referring to the UN General Assembly resolution on the definition of aggression. The third article of the resolution states that if one country provides its territory for aggression against a third state, it is qualified as aggression.

Moreover, Ukraine reminded that during a meeting with Kremlin dictator Putin, self-proclaimed President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said that they had agreed to leave Russian troops on Belarusian territory.
Other arguments include Russia’s transfer of equipment to Belarus and the launch of missiles from the Mogilev region targeted at Ukraine. There is also evidence of Belarusian military involvement in the war.


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