russian salvo of Kalibr cruise missiles increases in the Black Sea

Let's consider the topic of a high concentration of the russian missile carriers with the total salvo of Kalibr missiles equal to 44 units in the Black Sea area.

"Does this indicate preparations for a missile attack? What's going on anyway?"

I believe that this is rather related to the appointment of Gerasimov as the commander of the Defense Forces. He always followed this tactic and, whenever possible, took the maximum number of missile carriers into the Black Sea. Besides, his usual tactic was to inflict minor air and naval strikes. I think everyone remembers the volleys of strategic aviation and the navy in the spring and summer, but we will not draw conclusions yet, we will see in the future. This is hardly the so-called "preparation for a missile attack."

"Can the missiles be launched right now?"

Theoretically they can be launched, but these are conventional cruise missiles, not supersonic or hypersonic, so the official warning systems will report the threat, including our channel. In any case, separate naval strikes are unlikely; the tactics of teamwork with aviation are still relevant.

"Could an increased number of missile carriers be caused by the missile drills reported on the channel?"

I think that this is the case.  All ships capable of carrying Kalibr missiles, as well as other ships, maneuver along the location from Sevastopol to Cape Tarkhankut. It is possible that the proceeding of missile carriers to sea is just one of the components of the "missile and artillery exercises of the fleet".

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