Russian invaders destroy Bakhchisaray Palace in Crimea

occupied crimea russia invade crimea bakhchisaray palace osman pashaev

Russian invaders are destroying Bakhchisaray Palace in occupied Crimea, Executive Producer at UA:Крим Osman Pashayev reports.

Under the guise of preparing for the celebration of it’s anniversary Bakhchisaray Palace was closed. It was built in the 16th century and became home to a succession of Crimean Khans. Currently is forbidden to take pictures there. Every side is guarded, like in a prison. Not only all the shingles were removed from With Biyuk Khan Jami (they were simply thrown off and intended to be taken to Chufut-Kale), they removed the old oak beams under the pretext of them being damaged by insects. The beams are huge, thick. Nails are sticking out everywhere. While the beams were removed by the truck crane, 18th-century murals were damaged on the facade of the Palace.

Image from Osman Pashaev FB

The whole facade from the street was washed with a Kercher, which caused cracks and right at the entrance near the gate the plaster fell to the very stones, the masonry was visible. This hole was immediately covered with cement and the entire facade was covered with modern paint and putty. The Fountain of Bakhchisaray was washed with Kerher and pieces have fallen off, they have covered them and now paint with modern paint in white color. Catherine’s mile was also washed with oxalic acid and Kerher, letters were showered. All the painting on the facades is being urgently fixed by ordinary workers! Fountains of the palace are washed with oxalic acid. The palace collapses on our eyes. There is absolutely no information about the restorers. Instead of the wall that collapsed in the Persian Garden, concrete is being poured. According to the project around the part of the palace they put metalwork with a roof, under which the roof of the rooms of the Divan Hall, the Golden Cabinet and other things should be moved. but this design is simply eerie – it’s thousands of tons of iron, reinforcement, crushed stone and concrete! The heaviness around the palace building is huge. It is clear, that when they dismantle this design – the palace will simply collapse.
Due to the mentioned above, the Ministry of Culture appeals to the UNESCO and ICCROM requesting that Russia demand strict observance of the norms of international law and refrain from unlawful actions, which cause or may damage the cultural heritage of Ukraine on the territory of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea. It is also noted that the work on the monument of national importance “Bakhchisaray Palace” is an unconditional proof of a gross violation of the norms of international legislation by the Russian Federation, poses a direct threat to the preservation of Ukraine’s cultural heritage.


Image credits Osman Pashaev FB.
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