In Sevastopol, three large landing crafts of the Russian Federation are put on repair at once

In Sevastopol, three large landing crafts of the Russian Federation are put on repair at once

In Russian-annexed Sevastopol, three Project 775 large landing crafts (LLC) are being repaired at the 13th shipyard of the Russian Black Sea Fleet.

On the western shore of Kilen Bay, where the shipyard is located, three large landing ships are moored: one without a hull number is at the entrance to the bay, the second one without a hull number is in the middle, and the Azov ship (hull number 151) is near the edge of the bay.

The Black Sea Fleet consists of four large landing crafts of Project 775: Caesar Kunikov (hull number 158), Novocherkassk (142), Yamal (156), and Azov (151).

Photo: Caesar Kunikov (hull number 158)

At the same time, there are two other large landing crafts of Project 775 in Grafska Bay. Thus, there are five LLCs of this project in the bays of Sevastopol.

Photo: Novocherkassk (142)

Another large landing ship was probably transferred to the Black Sea from the Baltic Fleet before the start of a full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Photo: Yamal

Earlier it was reported that Novocherkassk LLC (hull number 142), damaged in Berdiansk during the Ukrainian missile strike on Saratov LLC, was put on repair in Sevastopol.

The large landing craft Yamal has been under repair since January 2018 but left the shipyard in early May.

LLC Caesar Kunikov, also previously damaged in Berdiansk, left the shipyard on May 14 after repairs and painting.

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